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hajar-bitcoin | Hi Guys, its been a long time since I did a new post here in BTCtoPHP blog. I've been busy looking for some other sites that is more trusted and hoping to look for some returns after a huge lost to some of our partners.

Yes, I was talking about I read some blogs and review sites that it will be turn to scam base on their checking. At first of course I did trust a lot to and give most of my investment there, but suddenly they announce that their service will stopped and they promise to comeback again when they have new project. But they didn't, a lot of co-investors at BtcClock USA Facebook page owned by Dexter R Swain, are crying because of their losses. We cannot even get back our deposits.

Now they made a new site that is called Again, no one from our group is welling to invest due to its fake. Some are still hopping that will comeback again but sorry. All terns out in chaos, the feeling all of a sudden.

Anyway, moving on to what I found. Just like I said before, this website will provide all of our own findings base on our experiences on a specific site. Now, I would like you to have the Be aware, this is a gambling site and you can bet here using bitcoins. Interested? For sure you will after finish reading this post so keep on reading.

If you know, then you don't need to search more about and just go and signup directly. If not, then take note of this, is very legit. I've been testing this for about a week now. Its not totally released yet but it will be available in the public soon.

One of the founder of PD is a part of and currently working on to develop the gambling site with its games offered available. The most popular game is Dice game. aka PD is the number one site that offers Dice betting game since 2013, and until now it is trusted as it goes. Now, they started to develop that will offers more games to choose to bet using BTC.

I will make a review post soon about after it was officially launch. It has a lot of showcase some features Stake has to offer. They are very confident that Stake will be a pioneer in the online gambling world, something very unique and exciting! Stake is also fair, transparent and caters to a wide variety of betters. For a truly surreal gambling experience that is about to emerge in the world of online gambling casinos.

As always, BTCtoPHP blog is here to provide you the most valuable content and keep on sharing our very own experiences looking some ways to earn bitcoin and exchanged it to Philippine peso. How to gain profit from zero to our future financial freedom.


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